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  • Jamie Hari

The Stolen Secret Recipe

Some organizations, like Buffalo Wild Wings, have sensitive data which is obvious, such as the secret recipe for their wings. Something that could be financially harmful or otherwise embarrassing if it were leaked to the public. Other organization have difficulty identifying what valuable or sensitive data they have. Fortunately for Buffalo Wild Wings, when their social media account was compromised on June 1st, the secret recipe shared by the attacker was just a crass joke and not the real recipe.

Nothing of Value

One of the biggest cybersecurity mistakes that any organization can make is to believe they won't be targeted by cyber-attacks because they don't have anything of value to steal, such as a secret recipe, proprietary industrial designs, or patient health data. Unfortunately, a perceived lack value is not a good gauge of the likelihood of attack as this isn't always how attackers choose their targets. It is very common for ransomware and similar malware to attack targets indiscriminately, catching a much wider audience in their trap. As a result, attackers often don't know who or what they've breached until after they've already successfully done so.

Social Media Defense

In today's world, social media is as much a part of the face of a business as the website or store windows. For that reason, the same amount of care should be taken when preventing unauthorized access to these accounts. Ideally, very few people have access to the account and a strong password is used and rotated frequently. When someone who had access to social media leaves the organization, the password should again be changed immediately. Social media management tools, which are popular at larger organizations, can provide an additional layer of access control and audit.