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AI-Assisted Security Policy & Strategy

Discover and manage your customers' biggest security risks. No security skill or experience required.

Struggling with Managing Security Policies and Risks for Your Customers?

Assess Quickly.

Good security starts with good information.

Perform risk assessments quickly and easily, without needing any security expertise.

The system uses framework-based assessments, such as NIST CSF, and handles the heavy lifting for you. You can get detailed risk reports with only a few clicks.

Sell Easily.

Selling security to small business can be challenging for the unprepared.

Risks identified by the system generate opportunities to sell products and services to your customer. With quantifiable data to back you up, you can present a convincing business case to close security sales more quickly and easily.


Security services are quickly becoming the best way for IT MSPs to compete.

Add information security policy and risk management to your service offerings without requiring much experience or effort.

Prevent Headaches.

Removing malware and restoring from backup eats into your profit.

By keeping your customers truly secure, you can avoid wasting precious time fixing security issues that would be better spent on revenue-generating tasks.


Truly protect your customers.

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