Understand Your Portfolio

The moment after an insurance application is submitted, it is already out of date.
Always know the current risk across your cyber insurance portfolio with vCISO™.

Why Change?

Assess Early.

Many insurance brokers still perform initial risk discovery by making customers fill out PDF documents or - even worse - by asking questions over the phone. Move into the 21st century by providing prospective customers an easy-to-use webform which ensures accuracy and reduces data entry time.

Assess Often.

As an organization changes and grows, so does their risk profile. Get a real-time view of each policyholder's current risk to ensure their premium fees stay aligned accordingly. The Derisk vCISO™ platform continuously engages each organization to understand changes to the assets, activities, and security controls that affect risk without any intervention needed from you.

Offer customers incentives for improving their security over time!

More Evidence.

Don't take their word for it. Automatically and continuously collect evidence for each customer to ensure a quick and thorough claims process, dramatically reducing investigation and other operational costs.


Customers can be comforted by knowing they've done their due diligence and there won't be any surprises in the event of a claim.

Fewer Claims.

vCISO™ does more than just assess and report. The platform also provides guidance, tailored to each unique customer, on how to effectively improve their security posture, resulting in fewer successful cyber-attacks, and so - fewer claims.

A valuable perk to policyholders and insurance companies alike!

Beyond Your Portfolio.

Better understand your own customers in a global context. Insurance companies can understand their customers' relative risk and see emerging trends through anonymized data from all Derisk customers.


What do actuaries, statisticians, and meteorologists have in common? They all know more data is a good thing.






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