Outsmart Hackers with 

No Experience Needed.

The Derisk vCISO™ Platform

AI-powered security expertise for small and medium business - to find and manage risks.
No Security Skill Required

When it comes to security, most people don't know what they don't know. Our vCISO™ platform has the equivalent of decades of wisdom and experience it uses to guide you.

Priced for Small Business

Enterprise security tools and professional consultants are out of reach for most businesses. We're offering enterprise capabilities at small business prices.

Fast and Easy to Use

Most businesses don't have the luxury of investing much time on security. The Derisk vCISO™ platform focuses on your security, so

you can focus on your business.

How It Works

It Learns.

You've read a billion 'top 10' lists that offer generic tips for securing your business. 

Instead, vCISO™ gets to know your organization and offers tailored advice. It's like hiring a veteran security expert to develop and manage your security strategy.

You will also benefit from all the data from managing security for other organizations just like yours.

It Advises.

When it's time to act, you'll know.


Only the most urgent and serious risks are prioritized, so you're not distracted and overwhelmed by chasing down risks that aren't likely to impact you.

Complex security and privacy risks are analyzed and simplified for everyone to understand. Risks show the potential financial cost of inaction. No more wasting money on flashy, but ineffective security solutions being oversold by a commission-driven salesperson.

IT Manager - Financial Institution

"Hackers have finally met their match!"


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